• YazzyDream

    Hello, community! I'm the admin for the Bee and PuppyCat wiki. While the wiki is all set up and ready to go, I hadn't realized this other wiki had existed until, well, now.

    I was wondering if this wiki would be interested in merging with it? I'd like to start combining some of the information from here onto there if there aren't any objections?

    What do you think?

    EDIT*: Ah, let's leave it for now.

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  • BloodHunter99


    October 22, 2013 by BloodHunter99


    Do you all want more BEE AND PUPPYCAT

    well YOU CAN



    if you would...


    minimum donation of $1 deadline 14 Nov 2:49 PM EST

    our goal is $600,000!!!

    so we need your help!

    and you get a lot of free cool stuff and privileges by just donating.

    I really really hope for more and I NEED MOAR BAPC.

    So pleeeeaaassee, donate!

    you get free stuff

    im begging on ya

    there's 23 days to go from today with over $300,000 collected with over 6000 backers!! SO YOU NEED TO HELP US FOR BAPC!!! Please donate for the sake of adventurics, bapc-fans, and our idol NATASHA ALLEGRI (or should I say Deathasha Killegri -- twitter name lol).


    for more info click this link!

    Please start a campaign in your school/work wi…

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  • Bimbolix

    After the two parter episodes, there's will be future episodes of Bee and Puppycat?

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